At Tarveda Therapeutics we take a novel approach to cancer treatment by creating our proprietary Pentarins™, which are miniaturized drug conjugates uniquely designed to target, penetrate and eradicate solid tumors. Through our Pentarin platform, we are developing therapeutics to address the limitations of current cancer therapies in solid tumors.

Pentarins effectively penetrate into solid tumors and kill cancer cells with highly selective targeting, increased payload accumulation and prolonged payload activity. Pentarins target proteins on or in tumor cells in order to bind to the proteins and deliver and hold a potent payload in the cell, leading to cell death.

Tarveda is developing its pipeline of Pentarins to address a wide range of cancers. Our pipeline includes PEN-221, a novel cancer therapeutic that is highly selective for the somatostatin receptor and is ready to enter Phase I clinical trials. PEN-221 is being developed to treat patients with neuroendocrine cancers including small cell lung cancer. PEN-866 is highly selective for Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) and has demonstrated complete and durable tumor regressions in xenograft models of small-cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and sarcoma. To see our pipeline of Pentarins, [click here]